Lake Cowal Conservation Centre

Bird, Lake Cowal Conservation CentreThe Lake Cowal Conservation Centre (LCCC) is a community educational facility where school students, land managers and community members can learn about and experience a variety of issues associated with natural resource management.

The LCCC is the result of a partnership between the Lake Cowal Foundation Ltd, West Wyalong High School, Evolution Mining Pty Limited, with support from NSW Local Land Services. The aim of the LCCC is to engage and educate the local community in catchment management issues, leading to the adoption of improved land management practices via education, demonstrations, research and on-ground projects and activities. One of the main benefits of the LCCC is an enhanced level of understanding about how agriculture, conservation and industry can be integrated in a sustainable way, in the context of the local environment. 

The LCCC caters for a wide sector of the community, providing a practical learning environment and a place where detailed studies can be undertaken. The barn provides an excellent facility to deliver training and information, whilst the adjoining property and remnant bushland, provide the perfect location to set up demonstration sites and innovative trials and implement conservation projects for example wetland rehabilitation, revegetation and vegetation management.

Lake Cowal Conservation CentreSchools from across the Lachlan Catchment can utilise the LCCC for a wide range of curriculum related subjects. Training courses, seminars, demonstrations and field days are regularly held at the LCCC to inspire local landholders and other community members to adopt improved land management practices. Frequent visitors include GreenCorps, school groups, TAFE, Landcare groups, conservation farmer groups, farm planning groups, Catchment Management Authorities, Stipa Native Grasses Association, Greening Australia, CSIRO, universities and community groups. 

As the number and variety of groups accessing the LCCC grows, the LCCC is increasing in importance as a hub for the sharing of knowledge and expertise between educational institutions, technical advisors, research centres, natural resource management organisations and the community.

For more information on the LCCC, please contact:

Sally Russell, LCCC Education Officer:
Mobile: 0407 754287

Mal Carnegie, Lake Cowal Foundation Projects Manager:
Mobile: 0418 370 927