Our People

The Lake Cowal Foundation (LCF) is managed by a Board of Directors comprised of six Directors including two environmental NGO nominees, a Bland Shire Community member, one independent scientist and two nominees from Evolution. The LCF and Lake Cowal Conservation Centre (LCCC) staff includes a Projects Manager, Education Officer, and casual Field Assistant who plan and manage a diverse range of projects and initiatives in the Lake Cowal region and beyond.

Lisa McFadyen
 Lisa McFadyen / LCF Board (Chairperson)

Lisa McFadyen (Chairperson) is a property valuer based in Condobolin, NSW with a farming and agronomy background.

Lisa is founder and Managing Director of AgValue, an independent property and agribusiness consultancy business. AgValue has three main areas of specialisation which includes; Rural and Regional asset management, Rural Business Solutions and Rural Land and Infrastructure investment portal business (www.agvalue.com.au). Lisa’s area of focus is farmland transition and agriculture business transition through the implementation of innovative business, finance structures and long term viability with focus on sustainable farming practises.

Lisa has previously worked in several areas of the rural industry as a property valuer, working within the Central West NSW, Southern NSW and Northern VIC undertaking rural, water, residential and commercial/industrial valuations. Prior to valuation, Lisa worked as an Agronomist in Central and Southern NSW. Lisa is involved with the cropping enterprise of her family farm “Lake View” located at West Wyalong, NSW and has previously completed project work for an organisation Central West Farming Systems.

Lisa holds a Bachelor of Science (Agriculture), Bachelor of Agribusiness and Graduate Diploma in Business (Property), she is a member of the Australian Property Institute and Director of the Lake Cowal Foundation.

Lisa is passionate about all aspects of agriculture and is determined that our farming communities are managed in a viable and sustainable manner.

David Mitchell is the Patron of the Lake Cowal Foundation, having served as a member of the Board from 2000 to 2012. He has a background in environmental management with particular reference to aquatic systems and invasive aquatic weeds, the basis of the PhD he obtained from London University. He has held positions in Universities in Africa (Lecturer, Reader) and Australia (Adjunct Professor) and CSIRO, Australia (Principal Research Scientist, Officer in Charge of the Centre for Irrigation Research, Chief of the Centre for Irrigation and Freshwater Research, Foundation Director of the Murray Darling Freshwater Research Centre).

David has extensive experience of Committee and Board membership as nominated independent scientist, Chairman and sitting member. He has been an invited or Keynote Speaker at scientific conferences, including 16 international conferences and is the author or co-author of over 220 publications. David retired from CSIRO in 1995 and was invited to become an honorary member of the staff of Charles Sturt University as an Adjunct Professor, enabling him to continue to pursue his academic interests.

David Mitchell
David Mitchell / LCF Patron

  Philippa Walsh
 Philippa Walsh / LCF Board of Directors

Philippa Walsh joined the LCF Board in December 2007.

Philippa combines a rural background with science and management skills.

She now manages her own business - Community Solutions - drawing on over 25 years experience working in the conservation sector.

Prof Max Finlayson is Director of the Institute for Land, Water and Society at Charles Sturt University, and Professor for Ecology and Biodiversity. He is a renowned wetland ecologist with extensive experience internationally in water pollution, mining and agricultural impacts, invasive species, climate change, and human well-being and wetlands.

He has participated in global assessments such as those conducted by the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change, the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, and the Global Environment Outlook 4 & 5. Since the early 1990's he has been a technical adviser to the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands and has written extensively on wetland ecology and management and contributed to the development of concepts and methods for wetland inventory, assessment and monitoring, and undertaken many site-based assessments in many countries.

He has also been actively involved in environmental NGOs and from 2002-07 was President of the governing council of the global NGO Wetlands International.

Max Finlayson
Max Finlayson / LCF Board of Directors

Angela Vanstone is the Group Manager – Environment and Sustainability for Evolution Mining. The purpose of her role is to provide communities, employees and shareholders with assurance that industry is working to protect and enhance the environment. This is achieved through collaboration with stakeholders in planning, operations and transition to post mining. Angela focuses on governance and assurance so that mining activities are in keeping with community and regulatory expectations.

Angela grew up on the Lachlan River in the Hillston district living and working on properties with livestock and irrigation. Angela appreciates the value of the region with fond memories of boating in homemade rafts on the Lachlan. Understanding that the area is subject extreme climatic conditions Angela believes we can protect and enhance our environment for future generations by working together. 

Angela holds a Bachelor of Science (Environment and Health) which provides a fundamental understanding of how to manage environmental health issues such as water pollution, infectious disease outbreak and hazardous waste. Angela’s study background coupled with rural living provides a strong base for creating sustainable outcomes for communities, conservation, agriculture and industry. 


 Angela Vanstone / LCF Board of Directors

Dan Mattiske/ LCF Board of directors

 Nadine Mattiske/ LCF Board of directors

Danielle Wallace is the Superintendent – Environment and Social Responsibility at Evolution Mining’s Cowal Gold Operations. Danielle has over 8 years mining industry experience in various consulting and operational roles across QLD and NSW.
She is passionate about environmental management, working with organisations such as WIRES and travelling.
Danielle is originally from south-east Queensland, and holds degree qualifications in both Science and Commerce.

Danielle wallace / lcf Company secretary.

Malcolm Carnegie
Malcolm Carnegie / Projects Manager

Malcolm Carnegie has worked with the Lake Cowal Foundation (LCF) since July 2005 as Project Officer, taking on the role of Projects Manager in October 2009. Malcolm has been involved in the various LCF projects including Bland Incentives Grants (BIG), Natural Sequence Farming, development of the Lake Cowal Conservation Centre and the CSIRO Grasslands Study.

In addition to the position with the LCF, Malcolm is a local landholder in the Lake Cowal/Clear Ridge area of West Wyalong. Special interests include vegetation and landscape systems and assisting the local community to initiate and implement strategies and projects which will deliver increasing economic, environmental and social sustainability. In his spare time, Malcolm enjoys family and friends and photography. 

Sally Russell commenced as Education Officer for the Lake Cowal Conservation Centre in January 2012. Growing up on a farm in Ungarie (near West Wyalong), Sally has a strong interest in the environment, agriculture and rural communities. She graduated from Charles Sturt University with a Bachelor of Education (Primary). Since starting teaching in 1997 Sally has worked in Primary, Central and High Schools across regional New South Wales developing a comprehensive knowledge of all curriculum areas. 

In her role at the LCCC, Sally is excited about giving students of all ages the opportunity to learn about the wonderful natural resources in our local area through hands on and practical experiences. When not working, Sally enjoys spending time with her family and friends, cooking, gardening and sport.

Sally Russell
Sally Russell / Education Officer LCCC

Graeme Fairman / LCCC Maintenance and Improvement


Neville W. Schrader

Neville W. Schrader OAM was born at Kyogle NSW in 1949 and educated at St Brigid’s School, Kyogle. Neville served as a Director on the Lake Cowal Foundation Board from 2000 to 2010.

Neville had a life-long interest in birds and native vegetation, publishing a number of articles in ornithological journals and magazines, and surveying the distribution of birds and plants/habitats within the Lachlan Valley.

Over more than 30 years Neville served on various committees as the conservation representative. These include the Northern Flood Plains Regional Planning Committee; Lachlan Catchment Management committee; Mid-Lachlan Vegetation Committee and Lachlan Water Management Committee. Neville was a long term member of National Parkes Association of NSW, Lachlan Valley Branch; Birds Australia; Bird Observers Club; NSW Bird Atlasers; and NSW Field Ornithologist Club.

In 2003 for his commitment to the environment and field ornithology Neville was awarded the Order of Australia medal.

Neville W. Schrader
Neville W. Schrader

Andrew Buttenshaw
Andrew Buttenshaw

Andrew Buttenshaw served from 2000 to 2016 on the Lake Cowal Foundation Board. Andrew's family settled in the Lake Cowal area in 1898. Andrew's interests included most local sports as a referee, coach or supporter. He was also keenly interested in sustainable energy systems (e.g. biofuels). Andrew is survived by his wife Sue and his 4 children, Tristan, Mark, Joshua and Lachlan.

As part of the Lake Cowal Foundation, Andrew's objective was always to bring balance to the environmental debate.