Lake Cowal Water Levels

Lake Cowal is an ephemeral wetland, typical of many Australian inland wetland ecosystems, having highly variable flooding and drying cycles.

During the summer of 2000/2001 Lake Cowal dried out completely and remained dry until March 2010 when it commenced refilling mainly via flows from Bland Creek, reaching capacity and flowing into the smaller Nerang Cowal during March 2011. A small amount of water flowed into Lake Cowal during the spring of 2005 covering approximately 1,200 hectares, but being shallow it dried out within 3 months.

Due to the warmer summer weather and hot, dry winds, Lake Cowal completely dried out during the third week of December 2014. Large numbers of dead European carp and some unfortunate waterbirds are concentrated in the lake's centre where the last sheets of water lingered. Significant flooding rains in the Lachlan River and Bland Creek Catchments will be required to replenish water levels in Lake Cowal.

Please see below a recent series of images showing the varying water levels of Lake Cowal.
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